Biodegradable Resin Grades 4.1 Percom

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Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. proudly introduce its biodegradable (compostable) plastic resin “PERCOM”. The Percom range has been specifically designed to provide the user with ease of processing and finished films with balanced physical strength properties. Percom compostable compounds will produce bags that are compostable and fully biodegradable. Percom mainly uses 100% biodegradable materials (such as PBAT, PLA, Cornstarch etc) to produce biodegradable granules after modification. The functionality of the product is based on biodegradation by microorganisms in nature such as bacteria, mould (fungus) and algae. Bioplast resins have an excellent service performance, and can be totally degraded into water and carbon dioxide by microorganism after abandonment. They do not cause any pollution to the environment.

A compostable material will break down completely by biological processes in a time frame consistent with natural materials such as food waste, without leaving any toxic or environmentally damaging residues.

The Features Of 100% Biodegradable (Compostable) Bags
PERCOM has good processability, good gas resistance, transparency and high enlongation. 100% biodegradable bags are derived from natural resources and after use, the valuable resource is transfered back to the nature that helps improve the quality of soil and replenishes the loss of land.


It has wide application prospects such as all types of carry bags, garbage bags, much films, moduled articles, electronics packaging, food packaging, pharma packaging etc.

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