Woven Sack - Issues & Solutions

We all know Woven Sack, the best and the most cost-effective packaging solution for Industries like Cement, fertilizer, sugar, Chemicals, grains, etc. But have you ever wondered what makes these bags different, what are the things which make them better in terms of quality without touching the cost factor. For this, For this, they need to go through many processes and all those processes improve them step by step. During all these processes there is a substance with these bags from start to end and that is nothing but Masterbatch. Yes Masterbatch, the reason behind the quality, color, cost, and many other things of the woven sack.

Make your Woven sack stand out!

Now, What are the things which Make Woven sack stand out. The first and main thing is quality and the second is major issues and their solution. When we speak about the quality we know nowadays quality has become one of the most important things which many companies and organizations have realized is as key to develop products and services for continuing the success. and when we talking about issues and their solution we must find out what is the major issue which can affect the product, what can be the perfect solution. If we take the Woven sack Industry, one of the main issue is water carrying. This reduces productivity immensely and adds cost to your product. We all know reduced productivity in woven sacks means a complete loss!

Are you tired of water carrying issue?

We Perfect Colourants help those manufacturers who are tired of water carrying issues. With the help of our special UV Masterbatch, we make sure that the customers get rid of this main cause which can directly affect the quality of your woven sack.

Low Dosage, Low Cost but Best Result

In masterbatches, we also especially take care of the most important thing ie Dosage. We use special additives and high concentrated pigments which helps our woven sacks partners to keep low dosage of masterbatch, that simply means Low Dosage and best Result with Low cost. What else you want! That means the best solution for the major issues of Woven Sack Insdutry under one roof, Perfect Colourants. Yes we are Perfect Colourants & Plastic Pvt. Ltd. Serving polymer industry sine 1996 and we proud to be elected as a Govt. Recognized export house by the Government of India.