Mulch Films

Plastic mulching films are an essential part of today’s agriculture market, keeping heat and moisture in the soil and preventing weed growth. PCPPL offers a wide range masterbatches that are ideally suited for mulch applications like Silver, Black, UV, etc. These include colors that help control light transmission and heat retention.

Green House Films

Thanks to technological advances, PCPPL is able to produce tailor-made additives for use in greenhouse films, to support the dual goals of a reduced need for arable land and maximum yields per acre. Our range of products address the key requirements of controlled heat/light transmission, controlled mechanical properties and excellent UV stability with high chemical resistance.

Working together with film manufacturers, we apply three decades of experience and know-how that have made us world leaders in our field to design the exact film that meets specific crop, location and climate requirements.



Shade & Mesh Nets

Due to global warming, there are large areas of the world where crop production inside greenhouses is not possible. But, growing crops in the open field leads to lower yields, due to virus-carrying insects. A net-house solves these challenges by both protecting the crop from insects and enabling airing of the growing area. These nets are required to have specific optical properties, good mechanical strength and long-lasting outdoor performance. PCPPL offers specially-designed green & other colors and UV MB with excellent dispersion that provide good processability.

Silage Films

In cold countries, maize and grass are grown during the summer, but need to be stored for use throughout the year. A plastic film is used to store the silage and maintain its nutritional value. Due to the high value of the silage it protects, it is crucial for the silage film to withstand extreme weather and resist tear for an entire year.

PCPPL products address the key requirements of mechanical strength, thin gauge extrusion, high opacity, excellent UV stability with minimal effect on cling performance.