7 Mantras for choosing right Masterbatch

Just like breathing polluted oxygen hampers the health of a person, using a quality compromised masterbatch devastates the product and machine performance.

Yes, Masterbatch - Its Oxygen to Plastics! A term well heard of but unfortunately not many do realize the importance of choosing the appropriate masterbatch.

There is no need for a separate introduction to Plastics. We all know it has become an integral part of our everyday life. Let’s have a look inside the world of Plastics. As we need Food, Water, Oxygen to Survive and Grow in the same way Plastic also need nutrition to become stronger, sustainable, and best in terms of quality and Food, Water and Oxygen for plastic is Masterbatch.

The Tiny, Colourful and Shiny granules of masterbatch add life to the plastic. That's the reason we should always check what kind of Masterbatch is used in Plastic because it directly depends on the quality of the Product. If you are looking for How to choose Perfect Masterbatch for your product, then yes, you are in right place. Being in the industry for more than three decades, it becomes our moral responsibility to emphasis and on the process of choosing the right masterbatch by micro managing all paramteres.

1. Colour Consistency:

Imagine, we are standing in Plastic Market and all the plastic products are colorless, plain and transparent...boring right?? This is the reason why color is so important and here masterbatch plays a major role to give color to the plastic product. Not only color when it comes to Masterbatch, Shades, and Color Consistency play a very important role. Here we feel proud to mention that we Perfect Colourants & Plastic Pvt. Ltd. especially known for our Color consistency, our experts try their best to keep color and shade maintain for years and years together and sometimes more than that too!

2. High Heat stability:

This is another major thing we should take care about Masterbatch. Industries like Electronics, Automotive needs plastic which must have these high heat stability features, that's why masterbatch in plastic must have high heat sustainability so that neither during production there are issues of degradation nor the aesthetic look of the product varies from one lot to other post production.

3. High Light Fastness:

Like Colour Consistency and High heat stability, high light fastness is also the main feature of the Masterbatch, because this is something which directly leads to the quality of the final product. This is one of the main concerns that need to be properly taken into consideration while choosing a color for plastic. Many fail when it comes to color fading issues once the product is exposed to sun light. The values of light fastness are measured in keeping with a fashionable Blue Scale score machine and we Perfect Colourants, always use a scale 7 & onwards because 8 representing the best resistance to color fading issue. Using a high light fastness masterbatch allows customers to provide guarantee to the end users leading to high brand value establishment.

4. Low moisture content:

The moisture content in the Masterbatch granules has a great influence on the quality of the final product. In case of high moisture content, the production becomes impossible. Because of this, it is always important to keep eye on the moisture content of the masterbatch to keep expected product quality.Experts of Perfect Colourants, always take care of this and make sure moisture content must be as low as 0.05%

5. NIL Migration:

No one likes migration; let it be the clothes, country or plastics. Poor quality of pigments used while making masterbatch allows pigment to migrate on the surface resulting into quality rejections. As a company policy, our expert team mandatorily study and uses pigments which are suitable for the application to guarantee NIL Migration.

6. High Production output

Low pressure built up on the die : Sustainability of any machine is dependent on how it is put to use over the years. Poor quality of masterbatches is responsible for carbon deposition on the screw, barrel and die. This leads to pinholes in the films, low output and wear and tear of the machines in the longer run. We as your business partner take care by adding optimum quantity of suitable additives and processing aids to reduce such issues to maximum extent.

7. Timely deliveries:

In the case of Masterbatch, it is always important to deliver the product on time and sometimes even Just in Time. It is not that easy because it includes factors like small runs, precise colour matching, huge range of pigment inventory, coordination with logistics, swift and low cost transportation to the final location, and eventually safe delivery. We, Perfect Colourants are making more than 1500 shades every year and still make it look simple for the customers! We closely monitor and understand the client concern and respect it too, that’s why our Logistic team always try hard to deliver the product in time, provide dispatch details through automated dispatch customized software system for swift and smooth completion of transaction.

Choosing perfect masterbatch to produce perfect products is always a task, but if you choose us, our industry experts are always there for you to guide what, why and which Masterbatch perfectly fits for your product. Our experienced and dedicated team works ceaselessly and tirelessly to ensure that we always demonstrate our integrity towards product and the clients we serve.

With a mission to provide service and quality, Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. with its wide range of masterbatches ie Laser Marking Masterbatch, White Masterbatches, Black Masterbatches, Additive Masterbatches, Colour masterbatches and Special effect masterbatches has won confidence of more than two thousands customers over the past 33 years across more than 60 different applications in plastic till date and shall continue to do so…

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