The Perfect colour of the year reflects what is the need of the hour for that colour can hope to answer, and Maharani Pink answers that for us for the year 2022.

The world todays demands every manking should be filled with cheerfulness, playfulness and positive emotions.

The Selection of MAHARANI PINK as the colour of the year strongly encourages this feeling.

Why Maharani Pink :

● We all know the colour pink makes everything look so pretty, and with our Maharani Pink it gives you that something special feel to your applications.

● When it comes to the speciality of the colour, it gives huge responsibility to that colour to maintain that reputation and for that our team always make sure we should not disturb this trust. And we always go extra miles to take care of things like shade, dosage, light fastness and heat stability of the colour.

● Either it’s Mandap or Toys, for Maharani Pink we have a very good rate of returning customers and new development too.

● Providing Maharani Pink colour to the customers is not only the thing we do, we always guide them about which shade, which grade and what environment will be suited to their product to make their product better to best.

Technicality of Maharani Pink :

Spectrophotometer DE 65 Wavelength readings

* L : 30.72

* A : 21.57

* B : 1.24

* C : 21.58

* H : 3.3

* E-Shadecard

Colour is not only coating to your products, it gives freshness, life and that extra special touch to your products or in one line we can say colours add soul to your products. Being in this colourful industry we always see hundreds of colours around us but one colour is always like a treat to eyes and that is our all-time bestselling “Maharani Pink”, its name speaks a lot itself, Maharani gives a royal touch to this colour.

Adding colour into your products and applications make them more attractive and beautiful, and this is something we Perfect Colourants have been doing from the last 35 years. In this journey we grow with colour and the glow of colours made us what we are today. We have developed more than 9000 shades of Colours till date and are still doing the same.

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