Masterbatches for Toys - Colouring the future!

The existence of toys in India dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, around five thousand years ago. By 2020, the Indian toys market has reached a whopping value of US$ 1.23 Billion and as per the expert's, Indian toys market is expected to grow at the rate of 12.2% during 2021-2026.

The earliest toys included whistles shaped like birds, toy monkeys that could slide down a string, and small carts which were made from materials found in nature such as sticks, clay, and rocks. With time, the advent of advanced technology and machinery has encouraged manufacturers to produce modern and innovative toys.

The toy industry is not only contributing to the nation’s economy but also playing an important part in future development by making innovative and creative toys which help children’s knowledge and thinking capacity and as Masterbatch manufacturer we would love to share our little endowment to make perfect toys with high-quality impact.

Below are a few highlights wrt colour and additive masterbatch for toys which will let you know how we help you to make the best.

  • High Gloss with bright color
  • We understand the importance of attraction of bright and pastel colors for children. Keeping that in mind we produce some unique, fresh and bright colours which will definitely add extra shine and enticing touch to your toys.

  • Compatible colors with all kinds of polymers
  • We manufacture specialized and compatible masterbatches for all kinds of polymer ie PP, PE, SAN, POM, PC, ABS, HIPS, GPPS, PBT, PVC, Nylon, etc. Selling guaranteed products helps the toy manufacturers minimize the quality rejections and down time.

  • Our Masterbatch is available in both solid as well as Liquid format
  • Our team of experts with their profound knowledge has also developed liquid masterbatches along with solid masterbaches. Liquid masterbatches are compatible with various polymers systems and has got advantages like low dosage, excellent dispersion, high gloss and easy handling.

  • No matter small or large we welcomed all kinds of quantity
  • We at Perfect Colourants have a policy where all clients hold equal importance irrespective of their size and qty requirement. We commit to provide the smallest of quantity requirement and serve the customer upto their satisfaction.

  • REACH compliant, RoHS compliant, FDA Approved, Phthalate free

Last but not the least, safety and compliances are foremost priority while developing colour masterbatches in solid as well as liquid form. We understand the sensitivity of toy industry as far as compliances are concerned and hence take utmost care to fulfill the same.