Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. (PCPPL) is one of the pioneers and leading manufacturer & Exporter of colour, black, white and additive masterbatches and compounds.

The company commenced operation in 1987 and has been marketing its products under the brand name CONCENTRA. Our manufacturing units are located in Western India (Vadodara & Halol). PCPPL is catering to the world including African, Middle East & Asian markets since 1996. The company is proud to be elected as A Govt. Recognized Export House by the Government of India. All plants of the company are certified for its Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The company's value proposition lies in the dedicated testing laboratory and Research and Development department & full commitment for service to its customers. This enables PCPPL to have stringent quality check, develop tailor made customer centric colours and constantly strive to innovate products which adds value to the customer's application.

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Our Products

White Masterbatch

White Masterbatches are made with unique recipe and additives, which give excellent dispersion, gloss, supreme whiteness and optimum opacity level.

Black Masterbatch

Made with fine quality of Carbon black Manufactured with LLDEP / LDPE as well as PS, PC, POM, Nylon based carriers.

Additive Masterbatch

Additive Masterbatches can prevent degradation due to heat and shear during processing as well as UV light and oxidation in the end-use environment.

Colour Masterbatch

Colour Masterbatch Made with quality pigments & superior mixing process. Manufactured with PE, HIPS, NYLON, PC and ABS base carriers.

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