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Purging Compounds

These are plastic resins used to clean plastic machinery like injection moulding, blow moulding and extruders. The purging compounds effectively remove resin, carbon, and colours from the mould and machines. Our high-performance purging compounds ensure a smooth transmission between polymers and incompatible polymers with broad processing temperature differences. It is composed of resin pellets perfectly blended with proprietary materials that are designed with diverse manufacturing processes. Our purging compounds are compatible with purging materials like PVC, PP, PE, and PS and engineered resins like PBT, polycarbonate, ABS, PET, TPO, TPE and other processed resins. 

We Offer Three Types of Purging Compounds to Suit Your Specific Requirements:

  • Mechanical Purging Compounds- It is compounded to align with processing temperatures, resin, and MFR (Melt Flow Rate) needs. It has strong detergency and does not affect metal to clean previous resins or contamination within the machinery effectively.
  • Purging Concentrates- These masterbatches power your own processing resin for cleaning. It is best suited for high-calvitation mould, blow moulding and major extrusion applications. The purging concentrates are easily displaced as they match the production resins’ MFR and don’t need alteration in processing temperatures.
  • Chemical Purging Compounds- These compounds are blended products that align with processing temperatures, resins and MFR. It employs heat-activated chemical reactions to perform in low-pressure and low-flow environments. It is recommended for blow moulding and extrusion as they can effectively clean large dies where contaminants can accumulate.
  • Application
  • Benefits
  • It is widely used in manufacturing automotive parts and components to enhance its durability and resistance against scratches.
  • It is used in the production of electronic devices to prevent scratches and maintain visual clarity.
  • It is used in plastic packaging materials like bottles, covers and containers to ensure integrity, appearance and quality during transportation and handling.
  • Its anti-scratch properties in PE and PP Polymer articles improve quality and reduce scratch visibility.
  • It eliminates contamination through carbonization.
  • It works 2 to 6 times quicker than virgin resin and 100 times faster than manual cleaning.
  • It solves production planning issues and reduces substantial time and costs to clean machinery.
  • It reaches areas inside the machinery that are hard to clean.


  • It is food-contact-approved and safe for food packaging applications.
  • It offers excellent purge for usage through hot runner systems
  • It helps to remove colour streaking and black specks.
  • It speeds up colour-to-colour and resin-to-resin changes, maximising productivity.
  • It is thermally stable and does not stick to the screw.

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