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Anti Warpage Masterbatch

Warpage is a bending or twisting of out-of-shape plastic components. It affects the dimensions, contours, and angles. Warpage can be caused due to non-uniform cooling of the mold cavity and non-isotropic shrinkage behavior. The Anti-warpage MB is designed to enhance molded components’ dimension stability and minimize warpage occurrence in thermoplastic products. These MBs optimize the flow properties of molten plastic, enhance the cooling rate, and reduce internal stress to prevent warping while maintaining the integrity of final products. Our Anti-warpage Masterbatch is compatible with various polymers like PP, PS, PE, ABS, and others.

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • It finds application in extrusion and thermoforming in plastic components like luggage trays, bottles, containers, and caps.
  • It is incorporated in the interior and exterior of automotive components like door panels, dashboards, and bumper covers to enhance these parts’ overall quality and durability.
  • It prevents warping caused by thermal stress and fitting in the production of electronic devices and enclosures.
  • It is employed in extruded profiles like construction materials such as pipes and frames to ensure dimensional accuracy and eliminate the risk of warping.
  • It is used in thin-wall plastic packaging like lids and containers to help maintain shape and stability and retain its functionality and aesthetics.
  • It prevents shrinkage and warpage in molded parts of thermoplastics.
  • It enhances dimensional stability and mechanical properties.
  • It reduces injection cycle time and shows no impact on other fillers and additives.
  • It improves the heat resistance properties of end-products, making them withstand higher temperatures without deformation.
  • It improves melt flow properties to ensure smooth and consistent processing, thereby reducing the chances of warpage.


  • The Anti-warpage MB minimizes shrink percentage and warpage.
  • It offers exceptional flexural modulus and shrinkage properties while maintaining tensile strength.
  • It is FDA-approved and food-contact safe.
  • The 3 % and 7 % dosage can minimize 40% to 100% shrinkage in HDPE.
  • It is compatible with various polymer resins like PP, PE,TPE, PS and ABS.

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