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Slip Additive Masterbatches

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • In all kind of Extrusion films Can be used in LDPE / LLDPE films to be used on FFS machines
  • Immediate lowering of the co-efficient of friction
  • Very smooth film surface
  • Can be available on slow migration characteristic of the additives
  • Concentration of this Slip Master batch are depends on polymer type and degree of COF required
  • Slow migrating, Low volatility, Does not affect bond strength
  • Manufactured using additives from fatty acid amide group.
  • Manufactured on fact migration characteristic additives Based on extremely pure Frucamide slip additive.
  • It functions by migrating to the surface and forming a lubrication layer on it.
  • To maintain efficient processing during production of packaging items, slip additives can be applied to the surface that reduce friction and help the product release from the mold.
  • Slip agent masterbatches are able to modify the surface properties of a film and thus lower the friction between film layers and other surfaces.
  • Slow migrating, Low volatility, Does not affect bond strength .

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