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Perfect Colourants & Plastics Pvt. is a masterbatch manufacturer in Kanpur. Our clients are offered innovative solutions to increase productivity, durability, and sustainability. Our main focus is on masterbatches for colour, functional additives and special effects. We are a globally recognized firm with expansive international reach. Our laboratories, extruders and quality-control systems are up-to-date, and we offer cost-effective and consistent solutions.

Our three advanced modern production facilities, high-capacity Twin Screw Extruders and our superior masterbatches are our pride. We are one of Kanpur’s largest masterbatch manufacturers with nearly 40 years of experience serving our customers. This has allowed us to provide raw plastic materials for challenging and demanding applications. Our company is FDA-approved and certified and complies with IS 9833, REACH, RoHS, and EN71.

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    Trusted Masterbatch Supplier in Kanpur

    PCPPL, one of the most rapidly growing manufacturers of white masterbatch, offers a wide range of masterbatches, specialty masterbatches, and polymer compounds. PCPPL, with the goal of expanding our market share and serving international markets, has invested continuously in R&D and made efforts to deliver the highest-quality masterbatches for all polymers to customers. Our multidisciplinary and global teams offer in-depth analytical, technical and on-site assistance to help you through every step.

    To ensure production efficiency, we develop masterbatches according to your colour specifications, processing equipment, and final application. With tailor-made solutions, we help with your product challenges and production issues. Our formulations are the ideal blend of value, quality and efficiency. Our modern production line is equipped with advanced testing equipment, impact testing machines and standard testing machines. This allows us to create a high-quality dispersion masterbatch. Call the top master batch manufacturers in Kanpur today if you need Masterbatch for your applications, compatibility requirements, and processing.

    Our Range of Matchbatch Products

    Are Looking for Masterbatch in Kanpur?

    To fulfil your myriad needs, our comprehensive product portfolio has every colour of highly concentrated masterbatches to suit your specific applications.

    Our Wide Range of Diverse Applications

    Roto Molding

    Perfect Colourants & Plastics Pvt. Ltd a master batch manufacturer in Kanpur produces MB of superior quality for the rotomolding industries. Our MBs offer glossy, smooth surfaces and excellent chemical and lightfastness resistance. For roto-moulding applications, we offer shades in various colours for manufacturing tanks, automotive parts, containers, and marine applications. At competitive prices, our colours offer high concentration and clarity. Customers can achieve excellent results with low doses of concentrated pigments and unique components.

    Injection Molding

    PCPPL is a leader in the supply of filler masterbatches and additives for various industries and applications such as engineering and commodity injection moulding. The injection moulding process involves injecting plastics into a mould in a liquid state, cooling and solidifying them. Our range of MBs is ideally suited for your final product needs. The MBs are compatible with most standard resins and offer excellent dispersion of plastic surfaces. Injection molding is used for automotive parts, household products, electrical and electronic components and engineering applications.

    Film Extrusion

    Perfect Colourants & Plastics Pvt Ltd. provides a variety of MBs for packaging. Our products are used in the rigid packaging for food and beverages, personal care, industrial, pharmaceutical, and other sectors. As a reliable supplier of masterbatch in Kanpur, our products are safe for food contact, RoHS, and REACH. Our masterbatch is also used in flexible foods such as multilayers, metallic films, agricultural films, and chemical packaging.

    Pipe & Sheet Extrusion

    We have a wide range of MB products used in extruded materials like thermoplastics and polymers. Filler MBs can be used to extrude pipes, profiles and sheers. They are known for their excellent thermal transmittance ability and give the end products a flexural and printable strength.


    At PCPPL, we have rich experience in curating specific MB solutions. We are committed to customer satisfaction through close collaboration and technical cooperation to translate customers' needs into tailor-made formulation and production processes. Our technical experts can modify resins to achieve specific functionalities and meet your unique requirements. Whether it is a specific texture, colour shade, functionality or a blend of properties you want in your end-application, we know exactly how to formulate MBs. We offer tailor-made solutions to achieve precise requirements and varying performance to achieve desired results in your end applications.

    Why Choose Us?

    Perfect Colourant & Plastics Pvt Ltd. has been a leading seller of masterbatches in Kanpur. Our operations began in 1987, and we have steadily captured the global market by providing innovative solutions to the polymer sector. Our wealth of industry knowledge and expertise allows us to help customers find the perfect masterbatch for their requirements.


    Modern Facilities

    We offer a wide range of products with stringent quality controls to guarantee consistency. We have a full-fledged QA lab that helps us offer standard MBs to customers that meet industry standards. Our laboratory is backed with 24 Hi-tech modern equipments that test MBs on various parameters so customers get top-notch MBs for their specific requirements.

    Expanding Portfolio

    The PCPPL has a highly skilled R& D team and two modern technology-abled quality labs that works to develop a portfolio of innovative colours, additives, and effects that meet the needs and applications of various sectors.

    Sustainable Solutions

    The Eco-Friendly MBs are designed to reduce energy wastage and improve recycling. They also use advanced technologies that improve the quality of plastics and increase their operating efficiency.

    Global Leader

    With nearly 40 years of experience in serving industries worldwide, we are the top producer of masterbatches in the Kanpur Market. Research and products of high quality back up our commitment to excellent customer service.

    Contact Today for Masterbatch

    We invite you to the world of colours! Elevate, experiment and enhance your products with the power of our colours. PCPPL brings top-quality Masterbatches tailored to meet your specific requirements.


    This mixture of pigments and additives in a resin carrier is available as a solid or liquid. The MB is blended into the base material at specific doses to give end products or processes colour and properties.

    Carriers are unique polymers compatible with base carriers. For example, ABS, GPPS and SAN are compatible with PET, PP and PC. The plastic’s properties resulting from using a carrier that is not the same as the base material can be altered. The carrier is a universal one like EVA or Wax cab that contains a greater quantity of the additives required to achieve desired properties.

    Industries use masterbatches for the production of plastics. Automotive, agriculture, building and construction, consumer products, and packaging are some of the sectors that use masterbatches. These industries use MBs to improve the strength and quality of their product.

    The Black masterbatch manufacturers designed this product for compounding and molding applications. It is a cost-effective alternative with high tinting, better stretch and coverage power. Vehicle body parts, tyres, bumpers, and headlamps are used to reduce production costs and prolong the service life. It is also used for agricultural purposes and provides a protective coating to products such as pipes, which can be damaged by cables and wires and extreme climate conditions. The material also provides thermal protection.

    Our customers can choose from a wide range of MB based on their needs. Our products are tailored for engineering thermoplastics as well as commodities. We offer various products, including colours, additives, fillers, special effects, and other MBs. Our vast range of colour recipes and grades can be used in various polymers, including PVC, PE, PP and PC. Check out the Eshade Card to discover the best colour for your project.

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