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Desiccant Masterbatch (Anti Moisture Masterbatch)

Desiccant Masterbatch deals with issues related to the presence of moisture during the processing of plastics. Moisture may be present in raw materials like pigments, hygroscopic polymers, and fillers. These masterbatches chemically bind moisture and allow highly reprocessed fillers and polymers to be used. Our Desiccant Masterbatch eliminates mosure in LLDPE, HDPE, HM, PP, PE, and others. It is ideal for blown film extrusion, blow molding, raffia, and injection molding. We offer this masterbatch in pallets and granular form with high-concentration active agents and exceptional dispersion into the final products. 

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • It is used in packaging materials like films, sheets, and containers to protect the products from moisture damage and extend shelf life.
  • It is employed in electronic packaging like trays and bags to prevent damage in storage and transportation.
  • It is incorporated in pharmaceutical packaging like blister packs and vials to prevent moisture from affecting its potency and integrity.
  • It is utilized in automotive applications like plastic components and parts like dashboards, door panels, and instrument clusters.
  • It is used to produce moisture-resistant fitting, pipes, and other plastic-building materials.
  • It is used in PP and PE recycling materials and wetting plastics for injection and blowing processes.
  • These masterbatches are ideal for translucent colour and opaque-moulded bottles at the preform stage and in blown bottles.
  • It enhances the demolding of preforms and helps to reduce scraps, cleanup and expenses related to lubricant sprays.
  • Its enhanced compatibility with polypropylene results in lower phase segregation in the final stage, meaning it stays on the surface of the end product without any migration or exudation while reading fog, odours and VOCs.
  • It improves processability and provides smooth surfaces.
  • It enhances the flow ability of resin.


  • It resolves moisture-related technical problems like surface defects, fish eye, holes, silver streaks, porosity, and windows in films.
  • Desiccant masterbatch allows the use of unpacked or recycled materials that would enable the absorption of humidity in the outer layer during the applications.
  • It is eco-friendly and non-toxic and has no influence on the mechanical properties of thermoplastic products.
  • It enhances the product quality, improves productivity, and minimizes energy consumption.
  • It improves surface gloss and homogenizes scraps of diverse rate flow.
  • It helps in cost reduction as there is no need for investment in drying machinery, and recycled material can be used together with these masterbatches.

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