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Anti-Fog Masterbatch (Cold & Hot)

Fog is a natural occurrence of condensation water vapour on surfaces by packing hot or cold material. Our anti-fog masterbatches consist of glycerol ester-based additives that minimize the surface tension, preventing water droplets from forming on food and agricultural packaging films. The anti-fog masterbatch enhances the shelf life while offering exceptional clarity in films of hot and cold packaging applications in the food and agricultural sectors. 

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • It finds widespread usage in greenhouse, agricultural and tunnel films where condensation of moisture as water droplets on the inner corner of the cover results in loss of light and dripping.
  • It is used in fruit packaging films.
  • It is widely used in food packaging cling films such as cold-fog applications like fresh vegetables and dairy products and hot-fog applications like cooked food.
  • It is used in pharmaceutical, hygiene and consumer products.
  • It prevents water condensation on the plastic surface and enhances the transparency of the film.
  • It can be blended with other additives like Anti-UV, Anti-Block and Anti-slip.
  • It does not affect the colour and mechanical properties of the final product.
  • It enhances the aesthetic quality and anti-fogging performance of packaging films.
  • It prevents vapour formation without a yellow effect and any impact on the transparency and odour of the films.


  • It is FDA-approved, and food grade meets the food industry regulations.
  • It is recommended for PET laminated structures with multiple LLDPE, PE, PVC and LDPE layers.
  • The anti-fog additive prevents water droplets and cloudiness and maintains heat stability and low volatility.
  • It enhances light transmission in agricultural films and improves plant growth.
  • It preserves the freshness and quality of packaged items and enhances the clarity of packaging.
  • It does not negatively affect film transparency, colour, odour, printability and seal properties.

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