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Impact Modifier Masterbatches

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • In Acrylic ( Impact Modifier ) in rigid PVC formulation
  • Furniture and floor mats.
  • Pipes and Houses.
  • Blow molded containers.
  • Thinner gauge carry bags specially for blends and re-processed plastic
  • To get the required impact strength in rigid polymers.
  • Reduce / Elininates stress crack problem.
  • Improves impact resistant properties and end use performance.
  • The quality of dispersion
  • The adhesion to the polymer matrix
  • The rubber domain particle size in the matrix
  • The rubber glass transition temperature
  • Better product performance
  • Cost benefit by incresed ration of reprocessed plastic.
  • Recommnded dosage: 4% to 6%
  • It is helps to increasing flexibility and impact strength to meet physical property requirements of rigid parts.
  • Ideal modifier for products requiring high impact properties: Tough, Flexible, Durable Impact resistant, Thinner gauge, Feel soft and resilient.
  • Unmodified polymers viz, PVC, PMMA, PS/SAN are brittle. Even PC,PA or PE will exhibit a brittle to ductile & limited impact strength
  • In order to satisfy end-use requirement for rigid applications
  • Thinner gauge carry bags specially for blends and re-processed plastics.

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