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Anti-Rodent Masterbatch

Pleasant odour and bright colours attract rodents to plastic products. The Anti-rodent additive, which is made of non-toxic additives, exhibits a pungent and unpleasant smell. This sensation keeps the rodents away from further attacks. Our Anti Rodent masterbatch does not kill them. It will just repel them. We strongly believe in “Live & Let Live.” 

With the help of Anti-rodent masterbatches, there is no danger of fire occurring due to electrical short circuits caused by rodents. It is the best way to shield plastic products from rat damage. It is a blend of a strong aversive that prevents pests from gnawing on plastic pipes, foam insulation, optic fibres and electric wires. Our Anti-Rodent masterbatches are compatible with polyolefins, ABS, PE, PVC, PS and EVA.

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • It is typically used in domestic and industrial cables, automotive cables, and insulating materials.
  • It is used in agricultural films and nets to safeguard crops from rodent damage.
  • It is used in construction materials like pipes, insulation foams, and cables.
  • It is widely used in packaging materials like films, containers and bags.
  • Its EVA polymer base makes it compatible with LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PE, PP, ABS, XLPE, and others.
  • It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, Eco-friendly and has low odour.
  • It is highly effective at low addition levels viz 3 to 4% of masterbatch.
  • Its high surface area enables easy dispersion in end-products without impacting polymer properties.
  • It complies with RoHS, CAZRI (Central Arid Zone Research Institute), food safety and Govt of India for efficacy.


  • It blended perfectly with the base polymer at normal processing temperatures.
  • It exhibits long-lasting effectiveness due to the controlled release of active compounds.
  • It is insoluble in water and other solvents.
  • It contains odour-emitting chemicals and bitter compounds that dissuade rodents from biting plastic articles.
  • It is laboratory tested to ensure its effectiveness, making it the perfect additive for protecting thermoplastic from rodent attack.

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