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Light Diffuser Masterbatch & Light Diffuser Compound

Light diffuser masterbatches are used to effectively scatter and diffuse uncomfortable glare and light sources coming through clear PMMA, PC, ABS, PVC, or any other type of clear polymer cover. It creates a hazy effect without reducing light transmission. It allows light sources to come not only through one concentrated source but spread out evenly. Our Light Diffuser Masterbatch enhances light transmission while offering high-quality light diffusion in lumens. The highly concentrated masterbatches are ideal for extrusion and injection moulding, where pre-dispersion of the additive is crucial to get optically uniform final products. 

  • Application
  • Benefits
  • It is typically used in lighting fixtures like LED panels, light bulbs, and fluorescent tubes to disperse light evenly.
  • It is used to manufacture display panels in devices like tablets, televisions, and smartphones to minimize hotspots and improve the viewing experience.
  • The light diffuser masterbatch finds application in producing packaging materials like light-diffusing films and sheets.
  • It enhances visibility and safety in automotive lightning, like tail lights and indicators.
  • It is employed in signboards and advertising hoarding. It ensures that the light emitted is dispersed uniformly.
  • It consists of proprietary components that help to effectively scatter and diffuse light without reducing light transmission.
  • It helps to reduce production costs and total energy usage while achieving exceptional high light transmission levels.
  • It exhibits excellent heat stability and low specific gravity, having a minimum effect on the extrusion process.


  • It eliminates hot spots, enhances brightness and offers great energy efficiency.
  • It helps to lower the refractive index and controls the light intensity.
  • It is compatible with PMMA, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, PETG, PVC, PS and other polymers.
  • It offers balanced high-light transmission and adequate light diffusion.

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