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Liquid Masterbatch

Our Customers can avail from us an array of liquid Colour Masterbatches. Our high performance color solution for thermoplastics are low viscosity liquids comprised of the highest quality colorants dispersed in proprietary vehicles, compatible with most thermoplastic engineering resins.

  • High pigment loading up to 80% decreases coloring cost and increases color uniformity
  • Let down colors for opaque colors 100:1 to 200:1
  • Let down ratios for transparent colors > 400:1 to 1000:1
  • Range of standard single colorants dispersions immediately available.
  • Custom colors are available on short notice, faster developments.
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PCPPL offers pigments and carbon black dispersion as well as specific additives that find application in a large variety of industries such as flexible foams, rigid foams, automotive, construction, furniture, maximum dispersion, and uniformity of coloration. PCPPL’s low viscosity colorants ensures excellent color strength and ease of use. PCPPL color made of formulations suitable for a wide variety of applications in the flexibal, integral, rigid and c.a.s.e polyurethanes sectors.

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Liquid purging helps to reduce machine downtime and enhance process efficiency. Liquid purging is the most effective way to clean the screw barrel faster with minimum loss of material when charging from one color to another. One of the best features about liquid purging is, it works with high range of temperatures.

  • Effective Purging
  • Increasing screw barrel life
  • Faster Cleaning
  • Corrosion Inhabitor
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PCPPL offers a vast range of pigment dispersion and pastes for all thermoplastic and PU applications, match your specification using our extensive range of pigments options and advance dispersion knowledge. we offer unrivaled quality through 100% inspection on all of our liquid dispersion products. Our ISO 9001 certified process ensures your exact requirements are met.

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