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Long Glass Filled Compound

Long glass filled compounds are an excellent way to enhance the properties of unreinforced resin systems. It improves mechanical properties like stiffness, strength, and impact resistance. It is produced by mixing reinforced fibers with a polymer matrix. The long fiber is infused with a unique resin system through a mold to achieve long strips soaked with resin, which are later cut into the desired length. The long glass filled compounds exhibit tensile strength and ductility, which makes them ideal glass fiber reinforcement solutions for metal replacement applications. The most commonly used matrix resins are PP, PA, PPS, PBT, SAN, ABS, etc. At PCPPL, our long glass fiber-reinforced compounds are available and are compatible with a wide range of resin systems and additives to enhance the performance of your end-products and applications.

Available Long Glass Filled Compounds

  • PP Based Long Glass Fibre
  • ABS Based Long Glass Fibre
  • Application
  • Benefits
  • Its high impact resistance and stiffness make it crucial for manufacturing automotive parts like door panels, bumpers, and under-the-hood components.
  • It is used to produce durable and lightweight structural elements like columns and beams.
  • It is used to replace short filled reinforced APS material in home appliance components like air conditioning fans, washing machine triangles, and others.
  • It is used to insulate electrical components like coil shafts, electrical connectors, and igniters.
  • It is used in different industrial equipment due to its resistance to wear and abrasion, high mechanical strength, and resistance to chemicals and impacts.
  • It is used in the aerospace and defense sector to fabricate aircraft components and ballistic protection systems.
  • It is used to manufacture sports and leisure equipment like boats and skis where strength and impact resistance are needed.
  • Due to their excellent mechanical properties, resistance to impact, and lightweight nature, these glass compounds are used to manufacture packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, logistics, food & beverages, and more.
  • Agriculture Equipments is used to for irrigation systems, green house structures and agricultural machinery components.
  • It offers better stability in high temperatures and humid climatic conditions.
  • The long fiber length helps enhance the end product’s mechanical properties.
  • It offers superior strength and stiffness, making it ideal for structural applications.
  • It enhances dimensional stability, minimizes warpage, and ensures accurate product dimensions.
  • The compound long fibers provide a smoother surface finish with minimum fiber exposure, improving printability and aesthetics.
  • It exhibits excellent resistance to acids, bases, and solvents to ensure durability and reliability in surroundings where exposure to various chemicals is expected.


  • It exhibits exceptional strength and stiffness, making it ideal for applications requiring high mechanical performance and structural integrity.
  • It demonstrated good flow characteristics that allow the compound to be molded in different complex shapes with ease.
  • The long glass fibers help to minimize warpage and improve part dimensional accuracy.
  • Its high material recovery rate ensures minimal material loss and maximum usage.
  • It offers easy processing, dispersion, and moldability for seamless integration.

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