Laser Marking Masterbatch - The Revolution

We know Laser Marking, we also know Masterbatches but do you know how they related to each other? and how they help each other to make things Clear, Brighter, and Visible. In this article, we are going to discuss the term Laser Marking and Masterbatches. In simple language Laser Marking is the process in which concentrated beam light use to create a mark of the surface. Normally laser marking done on materials like steel, titanium, copper, Aluminium, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Ceramic, fiber, etc, etc. Part of material get marked with text, serial numbers, designs, logo, port number, ID code, and barcodes.


Manufacturers can gain many benefits from the laser marking process, whether it is basic part identification and branding or complete traceability to track and trace parts from cradle to grave. Direct part marking with a laser marking machine delivers durable, readable marks. The results of these high-quality marks include:
• Greater operational efficiency and productivity with less waste.
• More visibility and accountability.
• Minimized costly threats such as quality and counterfeiting issues
• Ensured compliance with industry regulations

Role of Masterbatch in Laser Marking:

Mostly Black, White, and Additive masterbatches used for the laser marking process. Black Masterbatches, helps the product to get permanent, extreme dark, corrosion-resistant and high contrast marks which is easy to read or scan on any surface. Same as Black Masterbatch. White Masterbatches also responsible to get more visibility and make the product more attractive and clear in terms of looks and quality. Additive Masterbatches play a very important role in laser Marking, material optimization with 2% to 3% addition of Laser Additives is necessary to get optimal marking contrast.

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