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Our History

The company commenced operations in 1987 and has been marketing its products under the brand name CONCENTRA™. Today PCPPL has manufacturing units in Western India (Vadodara & Halol)

Our Mission

To Excel…To Grow…To Reach Out…The mission of Perfect Colourants & Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is to excel with the excellent professional decorum along with the concern for the quality products.

Our Vision

The vision of Perfect Colourants & Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is to be a trusted & proven global manufacturer of Masterbatches. The prime concern to be a concerned Manufacturer comes from the driving vision of the company.


Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. (PCPPL) is one of the pioneers and leading Masterbatch Manufacturer in India, and specially know for Exporters of colour, black, white and additive masterbatches and compounds.

The company commenced operation in 1987 and has been marketing its products under the brand name CONCENTRAT. Our manufacturing units are located in Western India (Vadodara & Halol). PCPPL is catering to the world including African, Middle East & Asian markets since 1996. We proud to be elected as A Govt. Recognized Export House by the Government of India. Our all plants are certified for its Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015 standard. The company's value proposition lies in the dedicated testing laboratory and Research and Development department & full commitment for service to its customers.

This enables PCPPL to have stringent quality check, develop tailor made customer centric colours and constantly strive to innovate products which adds value to the customer's application. PCPPL products can meet demands criteria of food packaging norms as per IS 9833, ROHS, REACH, EN71 or any other desired standard. PCPPL range covers a wide spectrum of quality products for various thermoplastics viz. PE, PP, PC, ABS, HIPS, GPPS, NYLON, PET, PBT, POM etc. The company has three modern dedicated production facilities with twin screw extruders for White, Colour & Black.

Management Introduction

Mr. Madan S. Humad - Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Madan S. Humad, a B.Tech in Chemical heads the company. He has been in the profession for over 25 years. Drawing from his exposure in the area of R & D, the company has rapidly progressed. A leading manufacturer & exporter of various colors & additive MASTERBATCHES for almost one and half decades, he is also Technical Advisor on the Boards of several well known companies in plastic industry. He says; the foundation of company’s success is company’s employees. Their commitment to continuous improvement and meeting the customer’s expectations provides a basis for achieving our quality objectives.

Our Team

Team effort increases output by having quick feedback and multiple sets of skills come into play to support your work. Ultimately, when a group of individuals works together, compared to one person working alone, they promote a more efficient work output and are able to complete tasks faster due to many minds intertwined on the same goals and objectives of the business.

Marketing Team

Our Marketing department not only promotes our busniess but also concerns about quality of products which we serve to our clients. Also this team provides the necessary research to identify your target customers and other audiences.

Our Marketing Team

Business Development Team

This team helps company to identify & take advantage of new market opportunities, Also Business development team identify opportunities to improve our service to existing & new clients as the basis for increasing revenue.

Our Business Development Team

Production Team

Production is the functional area responsible for turning inputs into finished outputs through a series of production processes. Our production team is responsible for making sure that raw materials are provided for best products.

Our Production Team

Our Process for Perfect Product!

It can be customized to fit any need and purpose with ease. You get to experiment with various elements, both for business and creative projects, as well as utilize it for building successful eCommerce sites with just a few adjustments.

1. Mixing

In this stage we Mixed all the materials in Perfect Quantity.

2. Extrusion

Mixing is passed through state of art twin-screw extruders to provide supreme dispersion & uniformity.

3. Palletising

In this stage machine provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet.

4. Drying

In this stage Product get set with help of Drying for perfect volume and shape.

5. Quality Check

It is Two stage quality check process to insure 100% Consistency.

6. Packing & F.P

Final stage where product get packed and ready for shifting.

Our Plants

We have our plants in Waghodia and Halol and also have the Head Office in Vadodara which is located in Akota.

Waghodia | Halol [Manufacturing Plants]

We have our manufacturing plant at Waghodia and Halol, where we have Our Research and Development center, QC Center and Production center.

Akota [Head Office]

We have our head office in Akota - Vadodara where we have department like, accounts, finance, Marketing & IT.

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