Anti Bacterial Masterbatch

2020 is the year where we come to know the importance of the word “Secure”. We do now clearly understand how much cleanliness and safety is important to us. From the current Pandemic situation we have learnt lessons, how one virus, one bacteria or one disease can pause the world for a good amount of time. The security, care and hygiene should not be there only for the pandemic situation but should become a habit of our regular activities.

The plastic industry has played an important role in providing the right protection at the right time and we feel, it shall continue to do so.

Considering personal hygiene as the most important subject of present and future, we Perfect Colourants and Plastic Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a highly effective special Antimicrobial masterbatch to keep various plastic applications safe and bacteria free. Antimicrobial masterbatches are used to control the bacteria and fungi on the surface of plastic products and textiles. They can add with other products while processing in the form of Masterbatches.

We all know this tiny and almost invisible yeast, Bacteria and fungi are available everywhere. Antimicrobial masterbatches are specially designed to control bacteria and microorganism which specially grow in places like Kitchen, Bathrooms, Clothes and Toilets.

When bacteria start to grow on plastics, they can start to cause those products to break down. These kinds of issues can be prevented with antimicrobial additives by inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi before they proliferate.

Antimicrobial additives help to inhibit the growth of microbes. As a result, the physical degradation of plastic and polymer products is slowed.

We Perfect Colourants produce special antimicrobial masterbatches which includes characteristics like safe and non-toxic in nature to humans, long lasting, excellent dispersion and food grade approved.

This masterbatch helps to keep the products fresh, hygienic and germfree and also this product is suitable for food grade and human contact applications like personal care products.

We would like to mention Perfect Colourants serve our Antimicrobial Masterbatches to applications like toothbrush, toilet seat, plastic shower curtain, footwear, bottles of skin care and body care products, medical disposable products and many other more products which come under personal hygine because main motive of antibacterial masterbatch is used to control attack of bacteria on surface of the plastic products.

There are many manufacturer and suppliers available in the market but what makes us special is our highest quality to cost ratio.

Our experts always try to bring special features and extra touch of benefits to your products which definitely improve safety of your products and that is something which proudly makes us one of the “Best Antimicrobial Masterbatches Suppliers” in our industry. Selecting a supplier that has their own microbiology and chemistry laboratory to assess antibacterial and antifungal properties of the finished goods is always necessary. This provides piece of mind and confidence in knowing your antimicrobial products are well protected for a long period of time while minimizing overall costs. So Stay Safe…Choose Safe…Stay Perfect!!!