What will come in front of your eyes when you imagine birds like Parrot and Crow, Parrot with green and crow with black color, that simply means color is their first characteristic, as we can not imagine them without their color. Their colors are their identity. There is no beauty without color. Color always play an important role in our, brand, product, company and personality too. This is the reason we always take care of the color, a combination of colors, shades of colors, etc. etc. Because color we choose always identify our brand, product, and our personality too.

Consistency is the Skill:

Like colors, shades, the combination of colors there is one more thing we can’t ignore is Color Consistency. Yes, consistency or we can say repetition in simple words. Once you have decided on your product color palette, you have to strictly stick to it and follow the rule of consistency to maintain it and maintain it for more than 10 years. Because when you use a different color or different shade of the same color you betray of customers and sometimes the risk of losing their trust too.

This same consistency rule applies to Masterbatch too. Masterbatch, the reason behind making plastic colorful. Imagine plastic products without color, dull and lifeless right? So we can say Masterbatch simply add life in plastic and make then fulfill. Due to the nature of the pigment, we always take care to bend the color properly for accurate and expected matching, this invented color lasts up to years and years and this is what we Perfect Colourants meant about Consistency. We love to share that every year we make more than 2500 shades and maintain it for many years in numbers more than 10 years and sometimes more than that too, yes you hear it right!

During all this, we strictly stick to our quality policy, as we always believe in zero tolerance about quality, and each and every product goes to the 2 stage quality process where our experts take care of all things regarding the quality. Because we know when customers get the expected shade at the same time they wish to ensure that color remains the same for years and years. That is the reason many companies started taking color management very seriously to make sure their product reflects everywhere with the same color. And here we can proudly mention our name because Perfect Colourants know very well Color and Color Consistency helps the product to become readily identifiable.