Masterbatch for Non Woven Fabric

Non-woven fabric is manufactured by putting small fibers together in the form of a sheet and then binding them.

Nonwoven fabrics are among the most versatile materials on the market today. Unlike other fabrics and substrates that are made by knitting, weaving or other processes, now days advanced technologies ensure that nonwoven fabrics are engineered to meet the strict performance demands of our customers’ diverse applications.

Advantage of Non Woven Fabric:

Nonwoven fabrics are a dynamic, value-added alternative to more traditional materials. With nonwoven technology, fabrics can be designed to take on an array of characteristics that other materials simply cannot match, including:

  • Greater strength per basis weight than competing fabrics
  • High levels of uniformity
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Consistency in high temperature applications
  • Application-specific engineering
  • Ability to form composites for advanced performance
  • The appearance of non-woven fabrics may be paper like, felt like, or similar to that of woven fabrics.

Use of Non woven fabric:

  • Non wovens may be a limited-life, single-use fabric or a very durable fabric.
  • Nonwoven fabrics provide specific functions such as absorbency, liquid repellency, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, filtering, bacterial barriers and sterility.
  • These properties are often combined to create fabrics suited for specific jobs while achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost.
  • They can mimic the appearance, texture and strength of a woven fabric, and can be as bulky as the thickest paddings.

Industries who use Non woven fabric:

  • Agricultural coverings
  • Agricultural seed strips
  • Apparel linings
  • Automotive headliners
  • Automotive upholstery
  • Carpeting
  • Civil engineering fabrics
  • Disposable diapers
  • Envelopes
  • Filters
  • House wraps
  • Household & personal wipes
  • Hygiene products
  • Insulation
  • Labels and Tags
  • Laundry aids
  • Roofing
  • Sterile medical-use products
  • Wall coverings

Ideal Masterbatch for Non woven fabric : PCPPL NW Series Masterbatch

Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. research and development team has done immense RnD in creating the precise masterbatch for Non Woven industry providing perfect performance at the perfect price. With the help of our Non Woven customers who are pioneers in the industry, we have studied the application thoroughly. We Perfect Colourants, manufacture specific masterbatches for Non woven fabric.

  • PP Based Masterbatches: Though making PP based masterbathce with higher loading pigments is impossible, with our expertise controlling all parameters of processing, we are able to achieve excellent dispersion at high pigment loadings as well.
  • Always a Yes for all colours: Not only main and prime colours but also we have a wide range of variety of colours and also our experts help you to develop customized shades according to client’s requirement.
  • Excellent Processing: The masterbatches contain the right combination of additives which lowers the filter pressure value of the masterbatches which helps the processors to get superior dispersion, extremely low down time and carbon deposition, high output etc.
  • No Migration: Poor quality of pigments used while making masterbatch allows the pigment to migrate on the surface resulting in quality rejections. As a company policy, our expert team mandatorily study and uses pigments which are suitable for the application to guarantee NIL Migration.
  • Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. consider each customer as unique and strive to answer their concern closely leading to enhancement in the product on a continuous basis.

We all know the benefits of Non woven fabric and the experts of Perfect Colourants always try to give you extra touch to improve the functionalities of the product with our specially designed masterbatch for Non woven fabric.