Slip Additive Masterbatches

Manufactured using additives from fatty acid amide group.
Manufactured on fact migration characteristic additives Based on extremely pure Frucamide slip additive.
It functions by migrating to the surface and forming a lubrication layer on it.
To maintain efficient processing during production of packaging items, slip additives can be applied to the surface that reduce friction and help the product release from the mold.
Slip agent masterbatches are able to modify the surface properties of a film and thus lower the friction between film layers and other surfaces.
Slow migrating, Low volatility, Does not affect bond strength .

Awesome Features of Slip Additive Masterbatches

  • In all kind of Extrusion films Can be used in LDPE / LLDPE films to be used on FFS machines
  • Immediate lowering of the co-efficient of friction
  • Very smooth film surface
  • Can be available on slow migration characteristic of the additives
  • Concentration of this Slip Master batch are depends on polymer type and degree of COF required
  • Slow migrating, Low volatility, Does not affect bond strength

"We do make tailor made masterbatches depending upon the application, economics and customer's requirement"